• Sanjana Tripathi

Your black & whites, your colors

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Give me your smile,

And your tears as they fall

Give me your insecurities

And vulnerabilities, big and small.

Give me your night hugs,

Your back as we sleep

Give me your worries,

Your anger, your screams.

Give me your failures,

moments when you falter

Give me the fights,

The mistakes, the blunders.

Give me your midnight hunger pangs,

Your dirty white shirts,

Your half finished plates

And smoked cigarette buds.

Give me your suit-up,

Out-of-bed looks.

Your unkempt beard,

Your black and grey locks.

Give me the dirtiest corners,

Disheveled kitchen and rooms,

Give me your illness,

Your despair and gloom.

Give me your – I could be an f1 driver – thrill,

Give me your – I know it all – grin,

Give me your days – good and bad,

Give me everything

And give me nothing.

I won’t complain as I asked for Love

Give it to me – all !

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