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The Selfish Self

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I am the sunshine. I am the moonlight. I am the glitter, diamonds are made of. I am my own light.

The pressure cooker whistle gushed a hot stream of steam on the oh-so-dreamy eyes. The sudden elevation in the decibels, broke my canopy of silver lined clouds. It wasn’t a very smooth landing into reality, like the pilot suddenly remembered to pull the plug and bammm! I hit the runway.

Reality in charge!

Dal consistency – Check

Rice Pot on the flame – Check

Ineffective exhaust fan – Check

Profusely sweating – Check

While the rice grains fight the hydrogen bonds or maybe make love to them (who knows?!), I narrate my day’s disappointment to my mother. She has her own battles to fight. Bonding over our futile conquests, we end up giving each other some food for thought.

Victim located – Reality receives a blow.

A refreshing morning run is all I need. I can get through this. This is all a phase.

I am out and done with that stuff.

Done and dusted.

By-gones shall not dictate my days to come.

Reality – I am Back! I am Back!

I help myself a plateful of the overcooked rice and the bland dal and look for the almost empty jar of pickles. It’s surprising how mothers know how to uplift the gloomiest of our moods from miles away. I send her a picture the disaster I cooked for the night on Whatsapp and thank God for the loveliest family in the world. I finish my meal over my daily dose of FRIENDS (a man-made boon to humanity) and retire to the cozy bed that had been seducing me for quite a while.

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Dreams! Dreams who? Bamm!

I cuddle up next to the silky touch of the pillowcase, drifting into sweet dreams that slumbers brings along wrapped in colorful shiny wrappers.

Earphones – Check

Ponytail – Check

Running shoes – Check

I fire up my phone to the best of Coldplay compositions and set out in the breezy dawn. The birds are smiling to see me back, as I wave past them. The trees, they are nothing but proud of me. The clear sky is reckoning me towards my new-found zest for life. It seems as if the universe is smiling from ear to ear and I can not contain my smile either. I feel rejuvenated, like I have been reborn over all the closed chapters on my life.

But there is this loud, shrieking noise disrupting the Vatavaran. A noise that doesn’t belong here, fiercely piercing through the clouds and then the trees, making its way through the earphones to my ears. Deafening!

Fingers in quick motion, like a veteran magician, swiftly reach out for the ‘snooze’ button. It’s yet another day!

Snooze-1, Sanjana-0.

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