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The anarchy of Nine to Five

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

It is 10:42 AM on my office wall-clock, and has been the same for the past 40 seconds – the longest 40 seconds of my life. Everyday, actually almost everyday, this simple clock with something very royal about it (maybe it’s the Gold coloured rim around it or have I been looking at it for way too long?), send me in a brown study about the new 09:00 to 06:00 life. The schedule that was supposed to be another part of lives but is now the NEW LIFE driving all the other schedules crazy. This new schedule in its perfect disguise of the NEW LIFE, can be seen to be injecting Anarchy into the veins of what was termed as LIVING! An anarchy that we never welcomed, and yet accepted calling ourselves – Pro-choice, while we did absolutely nothing to act over our choices. The so called Pro-choice generation, on a constant I.V. therapy of Anarchy, now does not even know that there is more to life than 09:00 – 06:00 and weekend hangovers.

Going back to the simple yet royal clock which just struck 11:33 makes me envy. With just two arms like me, it counts every second of its life and how?! Working as it was supposed to, even when you take it off the wall. Now that’s luxury! Not that I am lazy or despise my job, I still envy it. Envy it when I sit here idle for minutes at the very start of my day and then crib for a few extra minutes in the evening when I can not make it in time to the gym. And yes those few extra minutes matter- you see, I am a girl living independently in Gurgaon (haven’t made my peace with the new name and the city, YET). Envy it when the reason behind vegetating is not having enough independent work. Envy it when I am supposed to sit in this cubicle for 9 straight hours EVERYDAY of the week (including Saturdays), for work that amounts to mere 5-6 hours of my time. Envy it when I reach back home after office left with barely any time for self or even the bare necessities of my day to day living. And such is the case when my office is a mere 20 minutes ride from home. My heart goes out to all those who spend hours commuting to and fro EVERYDAY.

The concept of being billed for the hours you work for rather than the quality and quantity of work always baffled me. There are times, quite often, when we end up investing 12 hours our day to work at office. Say 2 days a week and 3 weeks each month, approximately? Did we really invest those hours because our efficiency lagged in completing the work assigned to us or because we had nothing better to do or go to? Never. Mostly the reasons are : we end up cleaning up another colleagues’ mess who for reasons unfathomable is unavailable; we are filling up for resource crunch; the boss/client came up with a new idea/suggestion at the eleventh hour, right when you were ready to head out with your bag packed; the boss did not have ample time to review your work the entire day through and when the boss says “Review at 6”, 6:00 is not too late. Are we appropriately appreciated for the extra hours invested? No! Do we get a pay raise for those hours? Never! But rewind the time back to a week where a few office hours from your week went missing. Did you not take a moment and read the salary SMS twice on your smartphone?

When was the last occasion or a date on a weekday evening, when you got enough time to check if the lip tint was not too dull or when you perfected that eyeliner wing or when you didn’t carry a change (of your shirt or top) and a perfume in your work bag? Can’t recall?! Hail the anarchy!

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