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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

SHE was born. An achievement unlocked. What would you call a being, without limbs, energy and the ability to think, who fought and emerged a winner. A HERO, isn’t it? SHE is a HERO. Did it not sound a bit odd, like a totally out of place reverence? If it didn’t, maybe you didn’t get your kindergartens right.


She didn’t know what it meant to be born ? Her fault did not lie there. Her fault was in not being born with the intellect of the pretence that accompanied womanhood, the mortal rules and the farcical obligations that she will have to abide by for the rest of a life that would not even be partly her.

Every time she would dress her doll up, her free flowing spirit would develop wings albatross, to soar higher than ever, delving into newer horizons of the empyrean. Those simple games of dress-ups and cooking, would liberate her like a fish discovering the profundity of the ocean. And then just one fine noon, his brother would barge in, amused or angered, take that doll away and threaten her sister with a plastic toy that was no less than her Horcrux. As she grew up, carefully dressing up, grooming and watching over each move, little did she know that the barbie’s was the only life she would ever dictate.


The simple carefree girl is an independent, self-driven woman, today. While her spirit revolts against the shackles of the society, her mind and body seem to have generated their batch of antibodies to these outbursts. Her liberated spirit abandoned her, when she tried making peace with the society norms that her family introduced her to. All she was left with was her senses, who would not miss an opportunity to throw her entire assumed-over-the-years tranquility into question. The question of the nature of her being. The question of stark contrast of choices presented to her and her brother as children. The question of need. Today, this independent woman wishes if only as a child, she was introduced to the need for securing her privacy, she would have worked to make her arms stronger, would have mustered the courage to combat fear in all ordeals and would have taught her doll to do all it takes to bring down the ones trying to sequestrate anything and everything that is her.

This independent, confident woman stealthily developed a personal covert army. Layers of clothing volunteered to be her knights outside the security of her home. Neither the scorching heat nor the pretty trending couture around the world could deter the knights. Next in line were the Pepper-Spray and Swiss Knife, the snipers that hid inside her handbag. All of them stood strong, staunch and vigil, to protect something more precious than her life. Well, that’s what the society told her! Pride over life.


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