• Sanjana Tripathi

Peace in Pain

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Have we forgot to love? Or has it lost it’s due importance in the humdrum of our daily affairs? Or is it losing in a rat race, a race it never participated in?

Or maybe when we started running the relay race of life, love was our finishing line. But where we lost was in that moment when we fashioned love in a “mark” – a mark in the dimension of time. What we failed to realize was that it is not meant for us to control the onset of a feeling in our being. We got so busy clenching the control of trivialities, that we never realized how important it was and is to have our priorities straight. Really Never! As fleeting as our life span is, the goals became short-lived and the vision lost its sight altogether.

Or else, maybe we confined love to a room, bodies, some sheets, finite moments and happy memories. Love can’t be contained or confined, can’t be limited or defined. The true essence of love manifests in its free spirit, as wild as the wind, as liquified as water, as vast and accepting as the sky, as giving as the sun and as soothing as the moon. Absorbed in relinquishing control over minute details of life, the bigger picture got blurred and hazy over the years.

Love never asserted happiness nor did it deny any pain. Love resonates with the purity of mind and soul, to create a horizon for science to embrace religion, with a power so strong that peace is all that prevails, peace in happiness and peace in pain.

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