• Sanjana Tripathi

Our Infinity

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

In you I see all the missing pieces

Completing my life’s jigsaw puzzle.

In you, I see that ‘Everything’

Which only in the most wanderous of my dreams,

I could ever see.

In you I always happen to see

A much better version of me,

Staring back at myself.

In you there has always been

The most remarkable, charming manliness

That baby, probably could ever be.

Manliness that is not insecure;

The one that sweeps me off my feet.

With you I want to walk down the roads,

You always wanted to walk upon.

With you I want to go through all those journeys

You ever wanted to embark upon.

With you I want to talk through the nights,

Nights echoing the whispers of two lovely souls.

With you I want to delve into the deepest of our beings

Till no part of us is left unexplored.

With you, I want to cruise on the

Pursuit of Happiness,

Leaving behind a perpetual trace of smile on your lips.

With you, I want to dream

Beyond the horizons, the world knows of.

I want to stare into your eyes

Till time halts and takes turn for the Unexpected.

In you I wish to keep alive the love,

The love that’s ‘Our’,

The love we deserve,

The love that tends to go – Unheard, Unseen, Unnoticed;

Among all translations in between.

With you I want to Live, Love, Die

And repeat, forever and ever,

Till Our Infinity ceases to exist.

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