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It’s not over!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I know people very dear to me, caught up in the ceaseless mess, i.e., Depression. Weighed down by helplessness and my inability to contribute, there have been multitude times where I wish I could make a difference to their lives. But over the time, I realized it is only the perturbed self that can make a difference. To each individual out there, all I wanna say is – It’s not over. Not even after the ultimate end. Not for the people you will be survived by. So, hang in there, get your hands dirty, fight, strive and keep on doing it till the fight tears you open and then sew your life and dreams back in their primal essence.

Knowing no lengths, start or end,

Do not deter,

It’s all in your head.

Stop today to restart tomorrow,

Count your blessings,

Thrash your sorrows.

It’s not over,

till you call it off;

It’s not over,

even when the universe says –

It’s All.

It’s not over,

you live to fight;

It’s not over,

if you die.

It popped from you thoughts,

It can survive the fall,

Undying in your memories,

It’s not over – After-all!

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