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Don’t judge a book by it’s review

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope things are going great with everyone. If not, grab a book from your nearest bookstore and give it a go. Any book and mind you, I said a book – the old school, printed in paper and bound book, not your Kindle version. Why would you call it a book in the first place? It’s not! No. It’s just an article or something that you are reading. I don’t know. I love books. Paperback. Hardbound. Old with torn pages. New with paper-cuts. The faded images. Bookish fragrance – of the page or the ink, at times of the bags or hands it was in. Notes to remember. Forgotten bookmarks. Any. Every.

There is nothing a good book can not cure. The term “good book” is more specific than generic. It would be inappropriate to say that a book is good or bad, because it never is. A book that is an “investment” for some might be “what a waste” for another. Let’s say, you are a student of English Literature and learned English as a language. A Chetan Bhagat novel or even worse a Durjoy Dutta one – rife with grammatical errors and lack of any fact or imagination, will be a waste for you. You might need some cleansing with a Shakespearean play. But what if you were one of those who just started reading English novels, learned English as a subject and are not very good with word play. These novels are not just good but serve as stepping stones in your path to more reading in the language; in short an investment.

Aforementioned is the reason why I am not big on book reviews. I value a little summary on the back cover more than any review. I have been reading books back to back in no particular order or fashion and as much as I want to put forth my views about the books I read, I do not want to dissuade or persuade you to choose them under the influence of my bias.

What I would want to do is tell you to go ahead, treat yourself with a book of your liking, read it through and decide for yourself, if it was an Investment or Waste.

Nevertheless, happy reading!

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