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7 A.M.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Aug 29, 2017|09:20 PM

“Alright. 7 am then.”

This was a whatsapp text from the guy I am arranged to wed in a few months. This was going to be our first conversation ever. The beginning of something that’s going to stay with me, as a part of my being for the rest of my life.

Aug 30, 2017|06:42 AM

I am anxiously walking around my society after my morning run. Aware of every heart beat, each sweat drop that is forming over my forehead trickling down my face, the vibrations in my hands and the goosebumps of course, my mind is racing through a incomprehensibly infinite track. Guess this is what “butterflies in my stomach” actually means!

Aug 30, 2017|07:00 AM

Divyansh USA calling …

Do I want to pick it? YES

What will I say? I don’t know.

Think!!! Ummm… just take it


Yeah so it happened. The much dreaded telephonic conversation. He was sweet yet honest, funny yet grave and a not so unknown stranger. Something clicked in those 40 minutes.


Of course I said YES. Who would not?! It would have been a lot more easier if we talked in person and had more time to spend with each other, getting to know the nitty gritties of our lives, but what is life without a tinch of adventure in it. And he is going to be my most special adventure.

Not getting into the specific details about who he is (let those be mine ;)), it won’t be any exaggeration to say he is the comfort I always sought. The comfort of being myself, unabashed. It isn’t the fairytale love story, most girls dream of; it is the ground reality the majority faces. I was never one of the lot, at least not in my head. We were asked by our parents to write our own fairytale.

Needless to say, 7:00 AM will always hold a special part in all my days to come.

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