Sanjana Tripathi

UX Research & Design
She, Her, Hers
Austin, TX

I am a growth focussed individual, currently pursuing Masters in Information Science (ML+UX focussed) from the University of Texas at Austin (grad: May 2021). I am currently working as a UX Researcher with UT RecSports department and as a TA for the Human AI Interaction course and AI in Health course at the UT School. The focus of my Master's Thesis is the evaluation of the importance of clinical notes (discharge summaries) for re-admission prediction of patients in the ICU using scispaCy and BERTI have 3 years of relevant UX work experience and I am currently looking for full-time work opportunities in the field of UX. I have a Bachelor's (engineering) degree in Information Technology and I am proficient in front-end development using JavaScript and ReactJS.

UX Design

Sketch, Figma, AdobeXD, Invision,, Keynote, Interaction Design

UX Research

Usability testing, A/B testing, Survey, Generative & Evaluative Interviews, RITE testing, Secondary Research, Comparative Analysis, Expert Review


JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Mechanical Turk


SQL, MongoDB, Python, Natural Language Processing, Word Vectors, sci-kit learn, TensorFlow, pandas, NumPy


Curriculum Vitae
Interaction Design


Resume Review

Notepad on Desk

Workplace Communication

Plant in a Pot


Grow your own Food


UT Provost

A Usability Study

LinkedIn - My Items 
Overusing the My Items features on the LinkedIn website a lot lately, helped me uncover some basic UX gaps. I conducted a quick UX research & re-design activity and compiled it all in a Figma presentation.
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