The focus is on exploring the charitable giving market in the US and then create a digital platform (web or mobile) that simplifies the process of making donations and giving charity while enhancing the warm-glow experienced by the donors.


Personal, Summer Project (under the guidance of Dr. Eric Nordquist)


An agile methodology using SCRUM/SPRINT approach


MIRO, Pen & Paper, Sketch


The client kick-off happened over Zoom where Dr. Eric Nordquist presented a high level overview of his vision and expectations from the project. He used Starbucks PAY-IT-FORWARD initiative and the Patreon website and service as an analogy to start a conversation about giving and charity in this day and age, and how in these testing times of a pandemic, people have turned to charity in the form of generous tips, anonymous donations, etc. 

To keep the creative space as wide open as possible and (in Eric's own words) "not to box-in the researchers and designers", he went ahead and furthered the idea he introduced by breaking it down into more research-able topics.

  • "but often we struggle to make donations as often as we think we should"

  • "People are much more responsive to charitable please that feature a single, identifiable beneficiaries"

  • People want to:

    • give to feel good​

    • give to feel a sense a community

    • give to random strangers

    • give to other people that are doing things that they support

    • give more frequently

  • People do not want to:​

    • need to remember to give​

    • research how the money is spent