My name is Sanjana (pronounced Sun-juh-na). I go by the pronouns She/Her/Hers. I am currently located in Austin and hail from the land of colors and cultures - India. When I am not busy doing schoolwork or job hunting, I like to spend my time reading, hiking, meditating, traveling, and listening to people's stories and experiences across cultures. I personally prefer listening over talking and I am a coffee connoisseur.

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My Story

As a kid living in a boarding school, I once filled a stainless steel glass (commonly used in India to drink water) with hot water to iron out the crease lines in my uniform. This made me observe the design of a cloth iron and other things around me more closely. Another incident I can recall is asking my mother why the government buildings always have an inclined plane at their entrance. That was my introduction to accessible and inclusive design. But it wasn't until 2011-12 with the popularity of Android and iPhone in India that I understood the concept of UX properly. During my undergrad (engineering in Information Technology) I took courses around Human-Computer Interaction and Emotional Intelligence

I am a self-starter but I do some of my best work in teams. I have grown up playing sports like cricket and football and have spent a lot of time practicing and coordinating with other players on the field. The sports taught me sportsman spirit, discipline, resilience, and patience. I moved to the USA a few years back to pursue my interest and discover my passion in the field of UX and enrolled in the Master's degree program at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.